Sharpening chisels, etc

Good morning
I’ve recently ordered a bench top lathe with a view to doing a bit of wood turning. I’m a beginner with no experience.
I’ve realised that I’ll need sharpening gear (bench grinder, guides, etc). Looking for recommendations for good but relatively inexpensive kit please.
Thanks in advance
John Webster

I went for the slow running bench grinder with CBN wheel and Tormek jigs, not particularly cheap but gives you much greater chance of success, if you haven’t got really sharp tools you’re really going to struggle.

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Thanks Andy. I’ll have a look at these :+1:

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Hi. I’m in a similar situation. I already have a grinder but will purchase some sharpening stones, a combination of ceramic and diamond. I’m trying to keep it simple with not too many but I believe a grit of 400 / 1200 should suffice for the average man.