Sieg G1 Power Hacksaw gas strut


I received my new power hacksaw from Axminster yesterday, and it appears to be very good for my needs.

One little issue though, is that the gas strut which supports the arm is too strong. The arm will lot lower by itself, consequently it does not cut unless I hang a weight off the handle. I’m not opposed to doing this, but the manual clearly says I should not pull down on the arm to increase the cutting speed.

Is there a way to reduce the force of this strut?


Hi Rob,

I would state the obvious of trying some sort of lubricant on the strut (ATF etc) but if it’s a hydraulic element that won’t help. Faulty strut?


Thanks Tim,

It is a gas strut, similar to what you’ll have to support the boot of your car.

It is already well lubricated, but I think it has been pressurised such that it completely overcomes the weight of the arm, and so instead of allowing it to descend in a controlled manner, it doesn’t descend at all.

If it is possible to release some of the pressure inside it, I think it would work properly.