Sk100 chuck versions

What’s the difference with sk100 t23 and t24 was going to buy a second chuck from eBay I am assuming the jaws will fit both

The T23 and T24 suffix to the SK100 Chuck designation indicates the thread size for attachment to the lathe (ie Spindle thread). T23 is 1 1/4" x 8tpi. Sorry but I don’t know what the T24 thread is and it is not listed in the current AT&M Catalogue. Check your Lathe specification for the spindle thread size and make sure you get the correct chuck. They are ‘direct’ threaded and not interchangeable.
If in doubt, you could as AT&M Customer services what the T24 designation means.
Happy turning.

Thanks for the reply I have a t24 version must be for the m33 thread that could have been a costly mistake. Cheers

Hi I believe the T24 version is for the M33 x 3.5 thread

Most or all Axminster jaws are completely interchangeable between Ax chucks; the ‘T’ suffix refers to the type and size of thread.