Hello, is ti possible to fit AXMINSTER WOODTURNING SK80 GRIPPER JAWS TYPE H on an Axminster Clubman SK100 head? I have sk100, and i got type H for it, but the diameter is too large, and the ones for SK80 is perfect for the project i have (need to grip diameter 48mm cca)… So i was wondering if i can install that one on SK100.
Thank you

Yes, I’ve got the small gripper jaws and they fit my SK100

oh jeez, i already ordered BF ones… :confused: should’ve waited…

If you haven’t ‘used’ the jaws I feel sure that you would be able to return/exchange them for the ones to do the job you want. If you are not close to a store I suggest you contact Customer Services to seek assistance. They are very good at sorting this sort of problem.
Happy turning, Philip.