Spindle Roughing Gouge Bevel Angle

I have an Axminster Premium spindle roughing gouge which I need to sharpen. I have recently purchased a Tormek with wood turning jigs and the angle finder seems to suggest the cutting blade angle is 55 degrees. Everywhere I read suggests roughing gouges should be 45 degrees and the Tormek standard settings only allow for 30 and 45, not 55. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just too stupid to use the angle finder correctly?

If you check in the rather excellent Tormek ‘Book of Words’ you’ll find all the relevant info and settings to sharpen all your lathe tools. I have a T7 with all the jigs but I can’t offhand remember what the roughing gouge is sharpened to; at the end of the day it’s not critical as it’s roughing gouge.

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If you watch Colwin Way on Axminster utube site he gives a one hour tutorial on tool sharpening on tormek and various other machines as well. It’s very informative and just about covers all turning chisels and some very useful tips.

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