Stock, or no stock?

It seems that Axminster can’t rely on their suppliers, any more than we can on them with certain ‘stock’ items; The UJK drill guide seems to have all but been forgotten about, but I’ve had a TORX screw pack on order since last October, and they continue to be on and off:: “two weeks away”, then “one week away” then back to "out of stock”.

I sympathise, as it must be very difficult when you are in this position, but forever changing the status doesn’t help “would be” customers either.

Anybody from Ax like to make a meaningful comment?

I’m NOT from Axminster, but would echo your comment/s. I’m one of the Trustees (for want of a better description) of a newly formed rather unique ‘Men’s Shed’ - in that we also warmly welcome women to join us. We’ve been fortunate enough to have secured a couple of grants to fund the purchase of machines, tools and equipment. Since Axminster is one of the most well-known suppliers of this kind of stuff, I suggested that we look to them as a preferred supplier, even though their prices are higher than other comparable companies. We ordered around £800.00 worth of stuff recently, only to find that a number of the things on our list were ‘Unavailable’, with no explanation whatever whether or when they might come back into stock.
OK, this kind of things happen, but having also bought, or tried to buy, other things from them as a private individual, it’s happened then too.
I have to ask … “Are they in trouble?”

I share your concerns about the UJK Drill Guide. I’ve an email somewhere from Ax assuring me it will be here this year. I await with my breath baited. The Nuneaton store gets a visit from me not infrequently, for some reason it seems at every visit stuffs been moved, perhaps it’s a ploy to get me walking around buying stuff I didn’t know I wanted (it works). Drives me mad, as bad as WHSmiths moving all the magazines around every month or three.

So Ax, is the drill guide going to make an appearance this year? Do tell.

Hi all, thank you for your comments. We are aware of the stock issues we have had with our screw packs and are doing everything we can to get the stock levels back on track. I can confirm we are expecting the UJK Drill Guide to be available towards the end of October/early November this year. Thanks

Good of you to provide the feedback Abi, very much appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks Abi.

My concern is the issue with ‘when’, as I say, the estimated times keep changing: two weeks, one week and back to "out of sock”. There have been numerous times when this has happened, it’s like waiting for a train or a bus, if you are aware of the when, you may be able to make other arrangements

Addendum: My order has arrived, and it’s ‘nearly’ as promised…
Thought I aught to update, as it’s so soon after my posting.