Suitable finish

I am thinking of making some trivets on the scroll saw to use as gifts.

Can anyone suggest the best finish to use on the bare wood that will not be affected by having a hot pan or baking tray on it ?

You could try polyurethane varnish. I use it on all my table tops. Not too what temperature it will withstand though.

Thank you for the suggestion; I will investigate that a bit more.

I like to use boiled linseed oil, thinned with mineral spirits or turpentine, in several soaked-in coats on walnut. Once cured, it feels like wood to me and doesn’t feel (or look) artificial.

I don’t like tung oil because it takes several days for each coat to dry, whereas tung mixed with chemical drying agents is so close to linseed that I’ll just go with linseed.
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