The AT350WL Woodturning Lathe Review By Forest + Found

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Forest and Found’s, Max Bainbridge, reviews the Axminster AT350WL Woodturning Lathe and tells us more about what he likes most and why it suits his work.

Is it just me or do others believe this community forum is becoming an advertising medium?

Harriet, I know you’re just doing your job,

But I for one thought this was a forum for like minded individuals to share their thought etc based on tools and their usage, and to be able to ask questions of each other!

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Yep, I agree Barry. It’s a ‘soft’ sell for Axminster products; there’s very little input from members about what they’re making and any problems that arise.

I also agree Barry. I generally like the service and the equipment that Axminster provide but there are plenty of other mediums for them to sell us their goods.
It does however raise the point that not enough members submit their own topics. If more were to use the forum it would be so much more useful and interesting. Newbies to woodturning like myself have to rely on the experience and expertise of you “wise old craftsmen” to help us on our way.
I have asked a few questions since joining the forum and have really benefited from the replies I received.
So in conclusion, lets all use the forum more and squeeze out the marketing. :slight_smile:

Agree with @Redsilverdog. The bigger problem is not the Axminster posts themselves but a general lack of new topics posted by members that is an issue. I’m going to try and post more to encourage others to do the same!

p.s. I actually really enjoyed the Forest and Found video. Amazing works of art.