The electric hammer has an abnormal sound and does not rotate or rotate very slowly

  1. Burnt switch contact.
  2. The mechanical part is stuck or the dynamic part is rubbed together.
  3. The drill bit bit or touches the steel bar.
    4, special nut loose.
  4. A small amount of short circuit or open circuit in the armature.
  5. Chips get stuck when drilling deep holes.
  6. Low power supply.
    Maintenance method:
  7. Repair or replace the switch.
  8. Check the mechanical part.
  9. Stop moving or choose another drilling position.
  10. Tighten special nuts.
    Repair or replace the armature.
  11. Pull out the drill bit to remove cuttings.
  12. Adjust the power supply voltage.

Billy, well that about covers it, where’s the problem?