The lights are on but nothing is turning

I have a Hobby 700241 vwsl lathe. I bought it from the previous owner last year. I didn’t use it much because the headstock frequently stopped spinning (though the dial was lit up) I thought it was because it was connected to an extension lead. I finally got the shed properly wired and it is still doing the same thing. I was only turning a pen and it stopped completely and now won’t start again!
Advice please! Has anyone had similar problems or knows of any fixes for this issue


Response here can be slow, I’ve no experience with this matter but I’d recommend calling the technical help line, they are likely to be able to assist sooner rather than later as I don’t think Ax as a whole reads stuff here too periodically!


Thanks Barry. I’ve sent them an email. They’ve told me to replace the power unit. I’ve ordered one and will see if it works. I wonder if it’s a common problem with this model?