Thought treat myself as Black Friday

Thought treat myself to a new low angle block plane … of course nothing in Black Friday deals but also no planes available just pages of out of stock … they seem to be running down on all the stock …should we be worried

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Just looked and you’re not lying! Not a single Bench Plane in stock! :flushed:

Benefit of the doubt; Supply chain challenges? Covid / Brexit taking effect at the ports?

Well have bitten bullet and backordered …but can’t give me any date or idea of when they will get them … although of course have taken my money

My understanding is that Axminster do not take the money on a back order until it is fulfilled. There will be an item appear on your bank account as a pending transaction but after a few days that will disappear and only reappear as a “real” transaction when the item is shipped. That is my experience with recent back orders but all might not be the same for every order. . Hope that helps.

Well xmas come and gone … no ideas of when will be in stock
And nothing back in stock at all really
Was a voucher I used from my retirement
Looks like may not get it after all