Threaded Inserts for Chucks & Faceplates

Hi, I’m looking for some information if possible…

I’ve bought a 4 Jaw Chuck for my little lathe, it requires a backplate and I thought mine would fit, it doesn’t. The vendor doesn’t have a clue about aftersales and simply says “no idea” when asked, which lead me to Axminster.

I’m looking specifically at the Threaded Inserts for Chucks & Faceplates but need size information as there is nothing on the pages that gives me a clue. I need 3/4" 16tpi for an 80mm 4 Jaw Chuck, do any of the Axminster Inserts fit [they certainly look like they would] or failing that, is there a suitable backplate in the Axminster range? I’m struggling to find the right bit of kit, I guess that’ll teach me to try to save a few £££’s!
Any info gratefully received, cheers.

Your best bet here is to have a natter on the 'phone with one of the techies at Ax. They’ll be able to give you the definitive answer to sort out the the backplate you need to fit your lathe. If it’s not an Axminster lathe you may be on a hiding to nothing but a swift 'phone call ought to be able to sort out the issue.

Morning. Thanks for your reply. I came to the same conclusion myself shortly after posting but as it was Sunday there was nobody to waffle to so I emailed them, complete with a couple of pics showing the centres at the rear etc. I’m pretty sure I can get what I need here as Axminster is specifically mentioned in the Q&A by someone else who had the same issue.

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