Tool post diameter

I have a Hobby AWVSL1000 lathe and have measured the tool post diameter as 25mm. I would like to buy the new Axminster Robust tool post but the nearest diameter is 25.4mm. However I have noticed on a PDF catalogue that there seems to be a AWVSL1000 with a tool post diameter of 25.4mm The only other way I could fit a Robust tool post to my lathe is to buy a item 58 tool post with a 25.4mm diameter and change the one on my lathe.
Has anyone ever tried such a thing?

Axminster Tools only supply Robust tool rest that fit their current lathes (as one might expect). Robust do produce tool rests with 25mm post, which can be supplied by their UK agent Phil Irons Woodturning. They will be special order - meaning long delivery and probably more expensive, but will fit your existing banjo.
I presume that ‘Item 58’ is a replacement banjo. As it is from the same model of lathe it should fit your machine. I suggest that you email AT Customer Services and ask if they can supply the banjo, what is the price and will it fit your lathe. If it is a stock item you could always buy it and return it if it was unsuitable.
I use Robust tool rests on both my lathes.
Happy turning. Philip.

Thanks Philip, certainly gives me food for thought. I could just get someone to drill out my existing banjo to 25.4mm. It means that the current 3 tool posts would no longer fit but hey ho. When I replace my other smaller lathe they would both be 25.4mm then. Thank you.