TSO Makita/Festool Guide Rail Square

These look pretty nifty. Thoughts?

For the record I use an MFT with bench dogs so this is largely redundant but clever at the same time.

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Interesting idea but the first reviewer was finding faults. There’s not a great deal of a reference face on the gizmo so any discrepancy is going to be severely magnified at the other end, assuming you’re cutting something like a 1220mm wide sheet of mdf. A more accurate way to cut a wide board dead square is to use the Parf Guide System with Parf dogs etc. Guaranteed spot on square every time.

The gizmo is also £180 notes!

You are having a laugh

As Woodbloke says, this is doomed to failure. It takes only the slightest amount of movement at the far end of the Festool/Makita track to throw the TSO gizmo out. A quick SketchUp drawing suggests that if the TSO is out by as little as 0.01mm then this means that at the end of 2.4m track, the error is magnified to 0.4mm.

At least it is better than the Festool alternative that has insufficient friction to maintain a 90 degree angle.