Tuning a Bandsaw

Here’s a great way from across the pond to tune up a bandsaw for spot on accuracy

Nice video @woodbloke. What bandsaw do you have?

I only have a small Axminster HBS310 but I did find that useful. Hard to take my eyes off the Powermatic bandsaw in the video though. What a beauty! If only I could afford one! :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

I have a new Axminster Industrial rated bandsaw recently introduced and which I discussed in a three part series on ‘The Knowledge’. As well as the big boy, I also use a much smaller BS11 for everyday use. Interestingly, last night I followed the instructions given in the video to the letter and set up both my machines and there really is a marked improvement in the performance. Well worth spending the time, which turned out to be about ten minutes for each bandsaw.

Great video. Best I’ve seen

Hi there though my question is not about tuning, im looking to buy a new bandsaw wifes 50th Birthday Present and was looking at the Jet Band saws in the summer sale could anyone give me some advice I’ve got £1200 to spend

Jet gear isn’t bad, but Axminster own brand stuff is a better bang for your buck. If she’s after a smallish machine, the BS11 is difficult to beat. It’s built like a Chieftan tank (very heavy for it’s size) and has a quite reasonable 150mm or so doc. I’ve been using one for over a year now and have been very pleased with how it performs.

thankyou very much for the tip on the axminster gear i think i will go for one of there own machines now …

Cheers Steve…