Turning Bog Oak

Hi - never posted anything before so here goes.

My son got married in Ireland and I wanted to turn something from the venue as a reminder. The owner gave me a large piece of Bog Oak but it is full of cracks and don’t know what to do. Use resin (I don’t have any of the gear - only ever turned wood) or try with CA Glue.

Does anybody have any experience or advice.



Much depends on the size and number of cracks. CA glue often works with small cracks but I suspect you’ll probably need resin? Do you have a wood turning club local to you? Someone there may be able to help you.


I think you’re right about the need for resin. Thanks for the suggestion about the woodturning clubs, I didn’t know they existed. There’s nothing on the doorstep but within 30 to 40 mins of home so that’s not too bad. Thanks again, much appreciated.

You are most welcome Paul. Wood turning clubs are useful on so many levels and there’s the social side as well. Good luck with your project, I hope it turns (pun intended!) out well. Keep the speed down until you’re sure it’s not going to come apart.