UJK Bench Dog Reamers result in holes that are too sloppy?

Has anyone else found that using either of the UJK reamers takes a hole from too small to too large? I have had a lot of problems with the Parf Dog Mk II system holes (built in the winter in the Northeast US) swelling up in summer, so much so that I have to bash the dogs out with a hammer and punch. And yet, when I apply either of the reamers with a light touch, the resulting hole is sloppy enough that a 50mm UJK dog exhibits as much as 0.020" of movement (about 0.5 mm) at the top. I won’t know till winter how sloppy these holes will become when the swelling subsides.

My initial benchtops were in 3/4" 7-ply baltic birch, and I was ready to give up on plywood for 2096 benchtops, figuring plywood was just too sloppy and prone to swelling with humidity. But now I’m seeing this in MDF, too.

Not ready to give up on Parf and 2096 yet, it’s amazing when it all works. But lohttps://community.axminstertools.com/t/new-ujk-super-parf-dogs/181oking for some guidelines on how to keep these benchtops more useable through all seasons.