UJK Parf Guide with Plywood

Has anyone used Plywood instead of MDF with the
UJK Parf Guide System.

Yes. I made a collapsible one pre Parf jig. This was the largest size that would slide inside my vehicle which enabled me to work on 8x4 sheets on-site. I plan to replace the top at some point with one that’s been drilled with the UJK Parf jig.

Using the UJK Parf jig I made a smaller one that lay between two B&D Workmates.

I also made a couple of smaller ones with the isometric hexagon pattern to fit on my Dewalt DE7023 Saw Table. I had someone turn 8 posts for me to mount the table onto the table brackets DE7030-XJ. The Parf tables are just a friction fit on these. This again is very useful on-site and using Benchdogs’ guide rails and posts allows me to extend the saws fence and add guide stops. Later I added some threaded inserts to one of the table tops so I could secure my 3.5” rotating engineers vice.

I have sealed all my tables with varnish and recently reamed the holes out with the UJK Parf hole Reamer.


@patrick Wow Impressive design Really appreciated I updated my gaming table that designed by myself but I like this one in future defiantly updated to modern design. [Sorry for bad english.]