UJK Parf sticks

I just received two replacement parf sticks to replace the original one’s from my parf guide system (the 3 mm holes were elongated) any advice on how to use the new parf sticks to prevent enlarging the 3 mm holes when drilling to make a new worktop?

This may not be what you want to hear but I understand this was the main reason for the MKII is it worth seeing if something could be done with regards an exchange if you only just got the second set?
I can vouch for the MKII but never used the original.



I ordered replacement parf sticks to replace the ones that have elongated 3mm holes in the sticks. When they arrived the 3mm pins or 6mm drill gadget wouldn’t fit in the corresponding holes. I hope Axmenster will help with this issue. I’ve never a problem with anything I have purchased from them every item has been spot on. Has anyone ever delt with Axmenster customer service? I live in Arkansas

I have both parf guide systems the original and parf guide system mark 2. I was going to let a Friend use the original parf guide system, so I saw that Axmenster had replacement parf sticks. I wanted to be sure He would have the same excellent results that I had with the Parf guide system. So I ordered replacement parf sticks. The problem is the holes in the sticks are too small. That’s the only issue.