UJK pillar drill table fitment

Hi all, has anyone had any luck fitting the UJK drill press table to a ‘Craft’ Axminster pillar drill. Apparently they are only made for fitment of the ‘trade’ series. Seems odd that an own brand doesn’t make a product that fits the majority of their range. Thanks all.

Sadly, I think the simple answer is no - it can’t really be done. It needs a deeper throat than the craft ones have.

Thanks Badger, have you tried this yourself then? And by throat, is his the distance from front to back? I was quietly hoping it would fit especially as it has the extension arm coming out forward.

Hello Ted. I tried this with the previous version of the drill table that Axminster sold. Despite quite a lot of butchery it never worked satisfactorily. By throat I mean the distance between the centre of the Chuck and the drill pillar. I found that there simply wasn’t enough space to allow the table to work. I think there is another thread on the forum that reaches the same conclusion. It’s a pity as the new table looks good.

Ted - I actually made my own from a few scraps and some UJK Track and fence stuff. Its perfectly adequate for most of what I want to do - and a lot cheaper.

Very good! That is my plan B, which is slowly becoming my plan A now. Which pillar drill do you have? Thanks

The AC315PD. Very happy with it in general and fits my slightly restricted space.