UJK Technology Drill Guide

Originally published at: https://knowledge.axminster.co.uk/ujktechnology-drill-guide/

Drilling straight and accurate holes freehand isn’t easy and if you want real accuracy then people turn to a pillar drill. But not everyone has the room for a floor standing or even a bench mounted model. To overcome this problem the new and improved UJK Technology Drill Guide with 10mm chuck has been designed to be an accurate, portable pillar drill. Read our informative guide to discover the key features that will help you drill the perfect hole.

Saw this in the new catalogue today and it does look a very nice piece of kit. Sadly my “shop” ( its a shed really) 6ft by 5ft wall to wall but have lathe, band saw, grinder with sharpening jig, tool rack a work surface, wood storage, and dust extraction ( well an old hoover but it works well) and me… its kind of cramped so no room for a pillar drill. This could well be a viable alternative.