UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System

Originally published at: https://knowledge.axminster.co.uk/parf-mkii-guide-system/

The UJK Technology Parf Guide System Mark II is a versatile jig system enabling you to create a custom-made bench top or portable cutting board in less than 30 minutes. Based on the ancient mathematical Pythagoras’ theorem, the PGS guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, producing spot on results every time.

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Hi, what’s the shaft diameter and length? I’m planning to use the dril bit for something else and can’t find the info on the website. Thanks.

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I’ve spoken to our Senior Innovation & Product Manager who confirms that the total shank length is 105mm. The cutter has a 6.35mm Hex shank machined into the top for use with a small drill. If you intend to use this cutter in a router (not recommended), you will need to remove this. The remaining shank is 10mm in diameter and 66mm long.


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