UJK Technology Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters

Originally published at: https://knowledge.axminster.co.uk/kitchen-worktop-cutters/

In collaboration with the manufacturer of Axcaliber router cutters, UJK Technology have designed a brand new set of ultimate kitchen worktop cutters. Learn more by reading our informative ‘First Look’ guide.

All interesting stuff, but I remain to be convinced that the new cutters will fare much better against the dreaded chipboard, which is the material of choice for many kitchen worktops. I used a standard Ax cutter to test a UJK worktop jig and although it did the job, the cutter was pretty mangled afterwards and fit only for the bin.

One way to ascertain the effectiveness of the new cutters is by testing one against the other under workshop conditions and then to examine the edges of each…sounds like a good little project for Jason Breach (should keep him out of trouble :joy:)