Used Lathe wanted

Been looking for a second hand Axminster Trade AT350WL Woodturning Lathe and was wondering if there was a page on this forum for used tools ?Lathes etc but couldnt find one so have posted here instead.

I’ve never seen a page on the Forum specifically for the advertising of tool sales or wanted, but I’m sure there have been discussions concerning the ‘disposal’ of machinery - usually after the death of the owner.
If you are set on this particular machine I would suggest that you either advertise your requirement somewhere appropriate or keep checking online (eg eBay) and on the Axminster clearance website (not always active).
Presumably you are looking for a reduced price. Possibly you could consider a similar machine from an alternative supplier (eg Record Power).
I hope you manage to find a machine to suit your needs.

How much do you want to spend? I have a powermatic3520 bought from Axminster with bed extension which is not being used enough to justify keeping. Looking for £2500.

Hello a reply to your request forAxminster Lathe, My father now deceased has numerous tools for sale, I can forward you pictures if you wish, I can say it is almost new, from my memory he purchased this around 2 years ago, also various Chucks, accessories, Carving chisels, also other tools Dust extracter, free standing pillar drill, and Bandsaw, Can be sold as a job lot, or separatly.

Hi there Redsilverdog, thankyou for your reply and offer to my request for a lathe but whilst i am sure your lathe is awesome it is rather more than i can afford.

Hi there Leon, thanks for your message regarding the lathe. I am sorry for your loss, Yes would love to see the lathe and any other tools you may have for sale, thanks Robin

Thank you Robin, Sorry for the delay in my reply, I’m away from home at moment, I live in Cornwall, But my Dad’s Tools are in his workshop in Poole Dorset, my Sister lives near by, she will be happy to show you, my Dad’s collection. Not sure if I added the mortiser machine, and fret saw machine, we wish them to go to a ‘good’ home, I’m sure we can agree, on a reasonable price, warm regards Leon

I can also send you a few more pictures.

Hi Leon, Thanks for the reply and photo, but i live on the other side of the country in Ramsgate, Kent. so too far for me to travel but thanks anyway. I’m sure if you put it all on ebay it will sell. regards Robin

Hi thanks for your reply. Robin

Thank you for letting me know, yep plan to advertise items when I get down there to take some clear photos…I hope you find what your looking for, kind regards Leon