Using Abrasive Mesh

Hi All
Bought some Axi abrasive mesh strip to try, so far being un-impressed or it could be operator error!!!
What’s min and max speed ranges for using this stuff, I’ve found it to be faster speed about 850rpm than when using sand paper (about 650rpm).

Many thanks

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HI Geoff, in mid 60’is and used sandpaper all my life but purchased some abrasive mesh a few months back and although it took a bit of getting used to… I’m a happy convert. OK the strips are smaller than I would tear a piece of sandpaper but the mesh goes a lot further. I have a pot for each used grit and use them time and again. I use the mid speed around 500 rpm, no faster or the mesh gets hot. The pores can clog but a tap on the worktop clears them out. I have used them to sand bowls down to 600 grit which worked great, although lengthy. I have axminsters bowl sander now and its a breeze but I still use the mesh for smaller pieces. Try a slower speed see if that improves your experience. Happy Turning

Hi Geoff.
I think you should be considering ‘cutting speed’ (ie the speed at which the surface is passing the abrasive) rather than the rotational speed - although the latter is the easy one the think of as it is the one which we set with either the belts or potentiometer (Variable speed control).
For ‘sanding’ I usually reduce the rotational/surface speed to half that which I was using whilst using tools - and have never had any problems with mesh abrasives.
I always either fold the mesh in half or put it on a backing pad, depending on the surface detail to be sanded - and regularly check that it dust is escaping. Such pacing pads include propriety sanding pads of various hardness, a thin perforated sponge pad, and pads I make from other ‘Velcro’ backing (eg on a stalk to get deep into a hollow form).
I do get clogging when there is a finish on the surface being sanded - but that will happen with any abrasive, not just mesh.
My problem with mesh abrasive is that it lasts so long that I forget to check that it is still effective and often use it well beyond its sell by date, when it really isn’t being effective.
Happy turning.

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LOL yep used “bald” mesh myself a few times… wondering why it wasn’t being so effective. I keep a check now