Using the Bessey KBX20 Bar extender with Axminster Parallel Clamps

Just finished adapting the Bessey KBX20 (K Body REVO Extender) to fit the Axminster Parallel Clamps.

Out of the packet the KBX20 don’t fit. With the help of a set of round and flat files I set out to correct this. Make sure the files are at least 250mm long. I can recommend the Vallorbe files Axminster sells

It took some effort, but I can now extend the Axminster Clamps to almost 3m.

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It would be to see some pictures.

Picture as requested.

Please note that the red feet of the Bessey bar extender lift the entire bar assembly by about 2 - 3mm. Therefor use it without or adjust the height of the clamping pads.

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I’m surprised that Axminster Tools doesn’t make something like that for their clamps.

Pat. No: 7.441.761

And because of this there is no solution for the Juuma or Sautershop clamps either.