Valentine's Competition- Win an Axminster Gift Card

Hopefully topical for valentine’s: a heart shaped box, made from a single piece of purpleheart.

The lid was sliced off, then the interior routed out. The lid was replaced and the outside shaped.

Finished with shellac and wax.



Would make a good subject for casting…

How did you get the resin into it? my guess would be to turn it down, then cast it in resin and re-turn it?

Looks fantastic… :+1:t3: :grin:

Yes turned it to pretty close to how I wanted it then spent a week or so glueing cardboard over the holes and gradually filling and waiting for the resin to set. A problem I found was I started using hot melt glue but when the resin heats up it melts the glue hence I ended up with bits of kitchen roll super glued all over it to stop the leaks, but I guess you learn from you’re mistakes.

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This is a Sierra pen made from Ash, Purple Heart, Babinga and Sepele.

I used the Axminster pen mandrel which is brilliant. The pen is glued

together lengthways, then drilled, then cut up into segments.


My bench with your vice!

Your image didn’t upload successfully @Kozeg. Please try again as we’d love to see it!

Sorry for the mistake!


Built this coat hook and shelf the weekend. Put final coat of paint on tonight so just need to install the hooks tomorrow 13th February. There’s 4 of us in the family so a section each with 8 hooks per section. There’s a 6 inch shelf on top for extra storage. It’s made out of white deal. The curved supports are not identical as I had planned to make one perfect and use that as a template but my trim bit was not long enough so I had to do them on the belt sander.


Two linked hearts carved from a piece of Sapele using precious inherited old hand tools and new ones. Each heart is about 9 X 8 cm.



Built for taking my tools around school, a large secondary school


turned in beechwood and painted, left is the Grenadier Guard for the Salt, single buttons and right is the Welsh Guard for pepper, buttons in sets of 5.


What a great idea! i like that.

Last entries for this competition were on the 17th Feb and it’s now the 5th March. Unless I’m missing something, the winner(s) haven’t been announced. I appreciate that stuff is sometimes liable to move at glacial speed, but it’s now two weeks since closure and I’m sure we’re all itching to know who’s got the lovely vouchers to spend.


Good morning,

The winner and runner up have been selected but not yet announced. We are waiting to hear back from one entrant with acceptance of the prize as per our T&C’s. If this hasn’t happened by EOP tomorrow, another will be selected. Apologies for the delay but the process has to be fair.


Thanks Hannah, appreciated, but keeping people in the loop is always a ‘good thing’. A notice several days ago with this info wouldn’t have come amiss.

Sorry for the delay! The winner of this competition has now been announced.

Congratulations @Wooditorknot and Martin Beevers.

Please see below for more:

Congratulations to both contestants.

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Thank you very much, Woodbloke, there were lovely entries submitted, so being picked out was a lovely surprise.

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Capricorn zodiac jigsaw sign mad on the axminster scroll saw