What do we want for Christmas

Just a thought in an idle moment. What do we want to get for Christmas this year? I dont know for sure but I think my son has bought me a set of 3 folding Japanese saws. I hope so and cannot wait to use them.
A couple of years ago the same son bought me a couple of lumps of wood. Everyone except myself thought he was mad. I tell you now, that was the best present that year and I have never enjoyed turning a couple of pieces as I did those two. The woods were a Bramble Root and a piece of Grass Tree. I did question him about the grass tree as its carcinogenic???

My 'shop is rammed to capacity with tools and timber. I’ve also got a big stack of timber under a tarp at the back of the garden which is currently air drying, so there’s really nothing that I actually want or need, but if it’s a fantasy present we’re discussing then a nice Holtey plane or three (suitably wrapped) under the tree would be quite pleasant.