What happened to the UJK Dovetail Jig?

I used to have a very basic dovetail jig, but decided to upgrade to a Leigh D4R, so I gave the old one away.

Long story short, I’m sure the Leigh is brilliant if you use it a lot, but for the once-a-year project it is just too complicated. I decided the UJK orange dovetail jig was just what I wanted - simple but had a support and chip catcher - so I got rid of the Leigh.

Now the UJK one has disappeared from the Axminster website. Is there any chance it is coming back?


Hi there, something going on here. The Axminster dovetail jig has also disappeared. I bought one about 4 weeks ago but its no where to be seen when I looked a few minutes ago. There is a cheap Axcalibur one and more Leigh components than you can shake a stick at, but definitely no UJK or Axminster. May I suggest you call the excellent Customer Services team who I am sure will explain whats happened. My guess is that they have sold out and are waiting for new supplies. As an aside, I love my Axminster jig and since my family have seen my practice cabinet everyone wants a wooden box/chest with dovetails all over the place. Its much cheaper than the Leigh and makes near perfect dovetails.


Will do. Thanks for the view on the standard Axminster and Axcalibur one.


I called Axminster today. The (very helpful) Sam told me that the orange UJK one (Code: 506300) has been discontinued, but that a replacement is anticipated in April or May.