What to do with workshop tools

Hello all, this may be a bit random and not the usual topic BUT here goes. My husband has recently passed away and I am left with a BIG bench saw the Axminster 12” AW12BSB2 , it has various add ins and an extractor . Can anyone please advise
a. Where I may be able to sell it?
b. Approximate/ball park ££££ asking price

Any genuine advice gladly received

Hello P1p.

As nobody else has responded in over a month, (and I’ve just seen you request), I thought I would.

I’d suggest looking on any on-line sales site, eBay etc, and look for similar, then you’d have an idea as to the ‘probable’ worth, and can sell collect only, so as not to have packaging etc to worry about.


Thank you Barry for responding.I did manage to talk to Axminster service dept who assisted and I have sold it