Which Scroll Saw?

I would love to hear people’s views of Scroll saws. I’m thinking of getting my first saw, but looking at the £300 range… or do I have to go higher? Only for pleasure, pros and cons would be welcome

I have the Proxxon DSH 2 speed it’s under well under your budget, I have had no complaints, it’s well made as you’d expect for Proxxon . I guess it depends on what you are looking for and size of throat/cut etc. I’m just a hobbyist and have just used it for a few projects nothing overly taxing but I created a box from I think it was around 6mm walnut, and it was very capable.



Thanks Padster, I’m a hobbyist but want to make sure that I don’t buy one that I’ll regret… the Proxxon is on my list. There seems to be like between cheap and expensive… many thanks.

For what it’s worth - do not buy a machine from the spec and pictures - get a bit of hands on so you can evaluate how you will use the saw.
If you are aiming to do any pierced work (which most scroll saw users do) pay particular attention to the blade holding method. For example - the Craft machine uses a hex key rather than a thumb screw and the lowest priced Trade machine has loose blocks which need to be attached to the blade using the jig on the side of the table. Both would be a pain on my present project which has nearly 200 piercings.
My first machine was Treadle powered. Even that one had thumb screw blade clamping. Wish I still had it for its go anywhere capability, for work/demonstration.
Happy Scrolling, Philip.