Wood suppliers?

Where does everyone get their wood from? Local wood supplier? Online supplies? I’m talking your speciality hardwood timbers such as cherry, oak, beech, sycamore, ash etc.

I’m in British Columbia, Canada and we have many different sources for our exotic wood. Their are some wood vendors in the Lower Mainland that keep a lot of different species.
I usually turn local woods like Big Leaf Maple with a AAA figure. That’s what the tourists like to buy since it is a piece of local fare.

I get most of mine from good timber in Northampton, it is a bit pricey but it is local and has some big pieces of exotics like purple hart; mostly I get from the off cuts bin so it is not too expensive for turning… I also get some from my turning club or from shows.

I use Rowan woodland products. They are based near Coleville Leicester. All sorts of hardwoods. They are on Facebook and have their own website But I’m not sure if I can post that

Try having a look around on Ebay…I got some decent wood a couple of years ago from a private seller in Dagenham, who had quite a selection different types of exotic wood (that I suspect came off ships one way or another) but were reasonably priced. At the time I was after some Obeche for use in a model, and he was able to supply me with a lump 1500mm long, 0.350mm wide and 120mm thick, which just about met the entire needs for the model. I think I paid about £20 for it.

Try going to local woodfest shows etc there’s one on in most areas in summer I’ve been to most and always come away with a lump of something interesting and the name of new supplier. Some of the national trust properties will have a sale of timber cut on their land I’ve found a few very large burrs at a good price from them, and of course eBay.

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British hardwoods ,good web site, are very good. Well worth a look.

I learnt some years ago that many trades who use timber (builders, carpenters doing first & second fit, kitchen-suppliers and others) have a terrible tendency to over-order timber then throw away the bits & pieces that are left. The bits & pieces are often large planks! Some burn them in their workshop heaters! Builders doing renovations have geet bonties out the back!!

If one sidles up to these fellows with an offer they can’t refuse, they will often hand over the stuff for little or no outlay on your part. Perhaps they will request a piece of furniture in return; or money “for a pint”.

Try it - you’ll be surprised what you get. For example, I have had an old bartop of Brazilian rosewood rescued from a renovated old Victorian pub; afromosia chemistry bench tops; old cherry staircase and bannister part; a maple factory floor; old pitch pine barn beams; and much else.


I spend a fair bit of time on eBay for local supplies and often find large amounts of old oak flooring that, once planed up, is excellent timber and very stable (just be careful of nails!)

For larger pieces I use Scawton Sawmill in Thirsk…they deliver all over the county and their oak is very good and reasonably priced. They regularly run special offers with packs of oak boards for a discounted price. They do have a selection of other species too.

I landed a transit van full of Sapele PSE about a year ago that was supposed to be used as cladding in a new spa development…the customer didn’t like the colour so the whole lot was getting chucked…didn’t cost me a penny!! Can’t see that happening again anytime soon though

Hi there, I use a couple of different companies and always look in the lumber section first. Exotic Hardwoods stock loads of unusual and colourful woods. They do lumber, spindle blanks and bowl blanks as well. My son bought me a couple of Burrs from them for Christmas and they are superb quality and fast delivery. Another I have heard good things about, but not used is Surrey Timber.
Keep the wood turning.



I introduce Belorussian wood supplier. We work with high quality Pine, Birch, Alder.
Are you interested in that?

Try www.oaksource.co.uk :+1:t4: