Wood turning chuck choice

I’ve recently bought a AXMINSTER PROFESSIONAL AP350WL lathe, and am having difficulty deciding between an Axminster Evolution SK114 and the new Axminster Evolution SK100.

Has anyone got any thoughts on pros and cons of either? Both say they will handle all the jaws available. Thank you.

Whilst not supplied by Axminster Tools I do have chucks of equivalent size to the SK100 and SK114 for use on my two lathes.
On my small lathe, similar in size and specification to your AP350WL, I use the small chuck and find it ideal for all the work that I would turn on that lathe and would only recommend the larger chuck if you are intending to buy a larger lathe in the future.
The fact that the jaws are compatible with both chucks does mean that a future upgrade to the larger chuck (buy a ‘Companion’ rather than a complete ‘set’) will not necessitate repurchasing jaws.
The downsides to using the SK114 on the small lathe are that its weight increases the load on the bearings and its volume can be intimidating on a small machine.
If you have relatively easy access to an Axminster store you could always ask them to demonstrate the two chucks on your lathe to help in your decision making.
Happy turning, Philip.

Many thanks for your reply. All makes sense. Does anyone know the weight difference of these two chucks?

Go for the biggest chuck (SK114) if your machine will accept it which will allow you to turn bigger stuff and with the correct jaws fitted, you can also turn really, really small stuff!

I’ve got the same lathe and for me the bigger Chuck would be overkill. It’s a great lathe but it’s not as capable as a bigger lathe that could make better use of the larger chuck. If you want a bigger chuck to turn bigger stuff then you really need a larger lathe. I’d put the money you will save towards buying a bed extension. The 280mm bed extension has transformed my lathe.