Wooden Bench End Vices

I have a Sjoberg wooden bench. The wood has understandably moved and in the winter months the end vice becomes almost locked solid because the wooden screw thread binds. During the summer months there is no problem.
Does any know how to fix this problem? Is it possible to remove the threaded screw and re-cut it somehow to loosen it?

The solution is to try and stabilise the working environment in your workshop, not to re-cut the thread. If the bench is brought into a warmer place of work, the screw ought to become loser in a couple of days. A smear of candle wax on the threads should help as well - Rob

It is just not feasible to heat an amateur workshop, (double garage), all year round, it’s just too expensive and I’m not sure where you expect me to move a workbench that weighs close to 100Kg to!

In the end I found the solution that may be of benefit to others. I finally plucked up the courage to completely dismantle the end vice and I have learnt a lot about its set up in the process.

The isolated screw thread itself was clamped in a lathe, set on the lowest speed and using a combination of scouring pads, naphtha solvent, files and sandpaper the threads were completely cleaned of old grease and wax and any rough high spots were knocked back. All of the bench and component parts were then thoroughly cleaned, liberally sprayed with silicone and re-assembled. An adjustable sliding friction clamp that stabilizes the metal support rod was reset and now the vice works perfectly and smoothly with no play in the vice at all

I won’t know yet how the new set up will be in the summer months, but I do know how the sliding clamp can be adjusted to accommodate any movement.

If any wants to know any more details about the process, please let me know