Woodturning chuck details

I have been woodturning for about 25 years but haven’t done anything really for around five years. I have a Selbix scroll chuck and a number of jaws. Selbix appears to have gone out of business and I was looking at the plethora of woodturning chucks recently and currently on the market and wondered if any of them have jaws or accessories that would be suitable to be used with the selbix chuck. Securing screws for the jaws are 4mm diameter with approx 18mm spacing and a 5mm wide alignment groove o the jaws that locate on the chuck . Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Dobbin,
I think that the only person within the Axminster organisation who may know is Mark Vincent. You can reach him through the customer service department.

Hi Dobbin.
With the fixing screws 4mm diameter and at 18mm pitch you should be able to use jaws from the Nova G3 or Supernova2, the Sorby Patriot and the Record Power SC3 and SC4 chucks - all of which are compatible with one another.
That said, you need to be certain about the locating ‘key’ and ‘keyway’. On the chucks above the key is on the jaws (ie the part that holds the timber) whilst the keyway is in the carrier (ie the part retained in the chuck body).
Axminster chucks have the key on the carrier and the keyway in the jaws.
I suggest that you locate either a chuck owner (local Club member) or supplier and try a jaw set on your chuck before parting with any money.
You may well be forced into the purchase of a new chuck in order to increase your holding capability - in which case I would suggest you study the available jaws from each manufacturer before committing to a purchase to ensure that you buy into a system to meet all your needs.
Happy turning, Philip.

Many thanks for your replies