Workshop Safety Guidelines For Safer Woodworking

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Fundamental guidelines for workshop safety to ensure everyone taking part in their next woodworking project feels confident and safe.

A goodly piece Charley but on item 4 (Clothing) there’s an illustration of a woodworker with tools jammed into his apron pocket. It looks like he’s got a screwdriver, chisel and is about to put a Stanley knife in there. Never, ever, ever put sharp edged or pointy tools in the front apron pocket for the following very good reason.

Once upon a time there was a woodwork teacher who put a sharp, unguarded chisel into this front apron pocket when he heard the 'fone ring in the office. As he went to get the call (which he shouldn’t have done anyway) he tripped and the chisel sliced through his apron, through his trousers, into his thigh and thence his femoral artery. Much to the consternation of his class and the cleaner who had to clear up the mess, he was dead inside thirty seconds.
Please alter or delete that picture…