Can Axminster (and others) still deliver tools to homes?

Hi folks!!
Any forum users here understand legal stuff? The ill thought out and badly fudged Offensive Weapons Act 2019 became law last week (on the quiet). It specifically prohibits online retailers from delivering “bladed articles” to residential addresses… Will this include our chisels / turning tools / saws etc or just knives?
I notice that Axminster still allow chisel orders for home delivery… Will this continue?
When you live in the sticks it’ll be a right pain in the proverbial if not.
What are people’s thoughts?

As this Act only effectively amends the Criminal Justice Act of 1988, which has not caused any issues in selling or delivering tools, I rather suspect the later Act will not be an issue either…

I imagine that any tool other than perhaps an actual knife should be fine for a retailer to ship. The grey area is what about a whittling knife?
The spirit of the law is to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals not tools out of the hands of craftsman. In the end it is up to the prosecution to determine if they wish to Pursue an action. I seriously doubt they would charge a company for selling a carving knife to a sixty year old craftsman.

I have to agree with Jenny, but I am surprised that AT&M haven’t responded to this posting.
Meanwhile, order what you need and wait for the company to decline the order before getting too concerned.

Hi everyone, Many tool and blade suppliers ran a campaign to have this law clarified and ammended to allow sharp items that can be legally held in the UK to be sent via mail. This was succesfully concluded and a couple of weeks ago “The Bushcraft Store” posted excerpts of the new law regarding mail order items. All is now OK and tool and knife suppliers can send all legally held stuff. I have also copied a paragraph from the Post Office Website which is sensible and self explanatory:

Sharp objects

(including knives, kitchen utensils and gardening tools)

  • International & UK - Allowed in the mail, see packaging guidelines below:
  • Sharp objects like knives*, kitchen utensils and gardening tools may only be posted if they are packaged appropriately so that they are no risk to employees, other postal items or recipients. *Excludes knives that are banned under UK laws - see Weapons.
  • Wrap heavy cardboard around sharp edges and points, strong enough to ensure that the contents do not pierce the outer packaging. Wrap each item with cushioning material. Place in a suitable outer container such as a padded envelope.
  • The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.