Motor wiring for sieg c6 please help!

Hi all.
First post is for help oh well
I took off the motor for my c6 and I lost the paper I wrote down the wiring on this is for a 240v single phase motor. (from this sentence it is clear you are not dealing with the sharpest)
The lathe has wires D1 D2 K1 K2 all in black.
The motor has wires Z1 red yellow black Z2 black V1 white yellow black V2 white U1 blue U2 yellow.
Please could some one tell me what to connect to what.
thanks very much

I was going to post 4 pics but will have to start with the wiring diagram

Hi there

I called a friend of mine who has one to look at his, but he says his has a 500 watt DC motor so is different,

That said, if you go to the Sieg website there is a contact form at:

I have written them in the past and in a day or so I did get a good response to my question,

Hope this helps,

You are kind to have asked for me. I will definitely give sieg a try thanks very much for the link.

Just had a reply from Sieg

“Hi Zachary
This is Mr.Long from SIEG sales department, the motor connect as below:
D1 and D2 line connect the U1 and U2 of motor,
K1 and K2 line connect the Z1 and Z2 of motor.
Best regards

Super helpful and fast :slight_smile: I suppose weekends are not the same in china.

I will try it and let you know how we get on.