Pressure pot supplier

Continuing the discussion from Pressure pots for resin casting:

If you have no luck with the info above, try Pressure Chambers | This is a Polish company from whom I’ve bought heat-cure impregnating resin to stabilise dodgy wood (using a vacuum chamber). They are quick and efficient and the resin price, including transport, was better than anyone else I could find. I have bought from them since Brexit without any difficulty.

If possible buy it before the end of the year when CE marked equipment will not be allowed to be sold on the UK market - it is not clear how many manufacturers will pay to get their products certified to the UKCA standard so they can sell them to the small UK market. (Note the situation is different in Northern Ireland as they are still partly in the EU).

See Using the UKCA marking - GOV.UK for more information on the changes to product approvals and marking.