Pressure pots for resin casting

Hi, I am trying to source a pressure pot for resin casting and am really struggling.
As Axminster does not sell them I was hoping that some of the members who are already using them would be able to point me in the direction of a UK based supplier.

Thanks for your help

Hi there, try Ebay.
They have quite a few of variouse sizes. There is no manufacturers name on mine but it came with all the connectors, valves, airlines and a pressure gauge.
I bought it about a year ago after a resin pot I was making was ruined by trapped air pockets. I have never had a problem since and it is easy to use with even a small compressor.
As for a UK supplier, most of the ones on Ebay are from the UK but inevitably they are all made in China.
Have fun with resin even though its eye wateringly expensive.
Kind regards


Hi again, further to my earlier reply, I purchased my compression chamber from a company called Vevor. They supply it as a 2.5 gallon paint sprayer and it comes with a spray gun. I just blanked off the paint delivery valves and it was ready to go.
I can actually recommend Vevor as I also bought a 1.5Kw spindle drive for my CNC machine. I was very pleased with the product and their after sales service was very good. I bought a spindle that was too heavy for my machine and they replaced it immediately with no hassle.


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Try This is a polish company from which I have bought heat-cure resin to stabilise iffy wood in my vacuum chamber. Very efficient service and the best price I could find, postage included. Don’t know how their pressure pots compare but worth a look. I’ve bought from them since Brexit with no difficulty.
Hope this reply goes on the right string this time!

Most people use paint pressure pots and convert them. It is easy to do and the parts are easily available. Ebay does have some already converted but obviously cost more. Information on how to convert is on the internet. Regards