Hi I’m Darryl. I’ve the SC2 and am looking for the correct tailstock chuck and arbor. Can anyone advise me on the correct arbour I need

Hi Daryl,

The arbor you require will depend on which chuck you choose.

You will need one with an MT2 taper on the tail stock end and whatever size the chuck you choose requires on the chuck end of the arbor,

Axminster sells most sizes. You may also try as well.

Thanks Jenny. If I can be so bold as to ask you a little bit more about my SC2. I’m looking at the website and I see they only have the quick change tool post for the SC3 and SC4. Would the SC3 fit on my SC2. I already got a set of cutting tools that were 10mm shank and think I should have rather gone for the 8mm tools instead. I really do appreciate any info you may have to help me get started

Hi again,

Sorry for the rather late reply, I just noticed your post.

I am not sure is the SC3 quick change post will work or not. I purchased mine from a different vendor (arceurotrade).

The best way to find out is make your way to one of the axminster stores and try one out on their demo models. I am sure that the sales guys would be happy to help.