Taper Attachment for Axminster SC2 Lathe

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone in this forum has made a taper attachment for either the SC2 or C3 engineering lathes?

I have a job that calls for quite a few parts that have tapers longer than the cross slide allows.

what I am seeking either a finished attachment or plans for building one.

Thank You!

do you need to make a male or female taper?
as if it is a male you will not require a special tool, just set the angle on the component slide and have fun.

if it is a female, you do the same, but with the right booring bore attached

hope this makes sence

Thanks for your reply,

the taper is much longer than the travel on the cross slide in the compound head, hence the need for a taper attachment.

A taper attachment for an engine lathe is usually affixed to the bed and to the cross slide. You set the amount of taper, usually expressed in degrees or inches/fractions of an inch per foot, and begin cutting.

What I am seeking is a design for one made to fit the SC2 or a ready made one if there is one available somewhere in the after market.


I managed to cut the long tapers by doing it in two steps. Kind of tricky to pick up where you left off, but if you are careful it can be done.

what I di was cut the first half of the taper, then moved the bed up and crossslide back to the beginning and picked up from that point.

Here is a finished part: