UJK Multi purpose workbench ’top’ : Code: 102540

Is anyone on this forum using this kit? Some feedback is slightly negative, and as ‘they’ say the plans for the home made base aren’t supplied neither are they available via computer, although they provide a “scannable" link, computers don’t have this facility.

I’m thinking of using this type of bench, to also double as an outfeed for my table saw.

Any thoughts anybody/
And Axminster, how about clickable links to such items as plans and videos from the catalogue!!

Here’s a couple of parf tables I made using 18mm OSB. The larger one is the maximum size to fit inside my van and sits on a couple of trestles but then I didn’t have the Parf jig to cut the hole accurately. It’s big enough the work on a full size sheet when on site. The second is the largest I can fit to one side of my van leaving more room to carry tools. This one can also sit on a couple of trestles or a pair of workmates. This one was made using the Parf jig.

Since then I’ve made a couple of smaller ones that fit either side of my compound saw. This was made using the Parf jig but this time in a hexagonal format.

I also fitted a couple of Benchdog fences with flagstop.